Property Management Fees

We offer a unique pricing structure to the Channel Islands Management Market


Our pricing is based upon the estimated amount of hours annually to look after and manage your property to the highest standards, we are Professional, Honest and will ensure that your investment is always maintained and revenue maximised so our fee will give you great value for money.


For corporate clients with portfolios to be managed we do offer a percentage based fee, usually sub 5.5% and for our Block management clients our great rates and fixed fees mean you can often save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your management fees!

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Our services - Rental Properties


  • No Obligation realistic current rental valuation based upon current market conditions
  • Source high quality tenants through use of our own website, partner sites and other media's as deemed appropriate
  • Ensuring utilities are transferred where appropriate
  • Screen prospective tenants by use of references including personal / employer / financial
  • Completing housing forms and any other documents required
  • Prepare a bespoke lease to your property which will be endorsed by you prior to tenant submission
  • Lease will be bound in duplicate with each copy having an accurrate floorplan of the property, full inventory and dvd of still images for both you and tenant to avoid future disharmony
  • 6 or 12 monthly inspections will be carried out
  • Tenants deposit will be lodged with My|depositst
  • Collecting rents and payment of funds to your bank account 
  • Rates form with be completed and paid according to prior agreement
  • Annual renewal of the property Insurance if required or applicable
  • Settlement of property related accounts in accordance with your instructions
  • In accordance with our operating policy, both you and your tenant will have access to a member of staff 365 days a year 24 hours a day
  • Annual rental reviews and dealing with lease expiry
  • On termination of tenancy, a further inspection will be undertaken and the handling of the outgoing tenant will be handled