Property Management Fees

We offer a unique pricing structure to the Channel Islands Management Market


Our pricing is based upon the estimated amount of hours annually to look after and manage your property to the highest standards, we are Professional, Honest and will ensure that your investment is always maintained and revenue maximised so our fee will give you great value for money.


For corporate clients with portfolios to be managed we do offer a percentage based fee, usually sub 5.5% and for our Block management clients our great rates and fixed fees mean you can often save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your management fees!

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Block Management Services

       Attend each building regularly to monitor external                       trades such as cleaner and gardeners, and to perform                   visual inspections so maintenance works are noted at an               early stage

•       Ensure service contracts are re-assessed and competitor                quotes obtained when deemed necessary

•       Obtain multiple quotes when ‘Major Works’ are required

•       Ensure a ‘Reserve fund’ is accumulated so any works can be instructed without the need for applying to owners for

additional funds

•       Produce accurate budgets

•       Produce annual accounts (unaudited & on a cash basis)

•       Collect and manage service charge payments including                non-payment collection

•       2 Separate bank accounts are opened for every property

•       All invoices are authorised by a partner of Morganfinch, ensuring that we are accountable and payments are not made in error.

•       Emergency lighting, firefighting equipment and any                      safety measure inherent to the building are fastidiously                maintained

•       Where appropriate we can employ staff such as                              caretakers, porters etc to work for your property

•       We obtain insurance quotations when the insurance is due for renewal to ensure that we get the best cover for the best price

•       We handle all insurance claims

•       We handle all owner queries, including those from                        professional advisers and owner’s representative

•       We arrange and hold the AGM and ‘extraordinary’ meetings as and when required (If a meeting room is required then the cost of this chargeable) We also attend any ‘Committee Meetings’ so we can ensure we are involved in any property decisions.