Property Management Fees

We offer a unique pricing structure to the Channel Islands Management Market


Our pricing is based upon the estimated amount of hours annually to look after and manage your property to the highest standards, we are Professional, Honest and will ensure that your investment is always maintained and revenue maximised so our fee will give you great value for money.


For corporate clients with portfolios to be managed we do offer a percentage based fee, usually sub 5.5% and for our Block management clients our great rates and fixed fees mean you can often save hundreds if not thousands of pounds on your management fees!

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About Us

As a local company we believe in trying to help our ailing economy and unemployment.

As our company grows we will target like minded unemployed professionals to work for us, we want to get people back to work in a rewarding and challenging environment and will do this by acquiring contracts with key Individuals/Trusts and Companies with property portfolio's that are looking to save money on fees, receive a service led offering and buy into our culture for Jersey.

Currently we are a small bespoke team of professionals primarily fronted by Gary Bryant.

Gary has worked with property in many locations around the world including Europe, the United States and of course the Channel Islands.

Gary is deeply committed to providing a personal, professional service 365 days of the year 24 hours of the day and understands that when you need assistance or if you have an enquiry being available "out of hours" is all part of the service that you deserve, but quite often do not get!

If you entrust your property to Morganfinch you will have a single point of contact for your property, the reason for this is simple, you may have a query about your property, a query which you want answered without delay, by having one point of contact who is intimate with your property, answers and action are always at hand.

We have access to both Portuguese and Polish translators should the need arise and have excellent relationships with many of the Islands leading advocates.

We have strong links with reputable local companies such as plumbers and electricians so in the event of an emergency we can gain assistance at affordable prices.

Our aim is simple, to be the best we can be at a price that pleases all!